Potential DOBs List

List Of Potential DOBs.

Good Morning People,

Well first a great weekend all round if you followed us into American football, we went 5/6 on College Football and 2/3 on the NFL trading or straight betting you will have done something wrong if you lost money! That’s gone until the end of this week so we look ahead to the racing. There weren’t any previews this weekend purely because Youtube was still activating our account, if you watched the ARC yesterday it was a fantastic race my selection Sea of Class just couldn’t get there and enable took the race for the second time! If you haven’t seen on social media we decided we are going to Re-OPen the Pro Service which made huge profits in 2017 and has been closed for the past year to new members so look out for news on that, but on to today.

These are the horses I have picked out as potential DOBs they don’t run until later this evening so I will do writes up and some stats later when I have had time to go through the football as well. All Horses on this list have to pass the following criteria to even get on this list in the first place 5 runs+ 80% DOBs 2yrs+.

Stratford 16:55 – Kens Well

This horse has the PERFECT profile 100% DOB profile I look at the Trip, Going, Class, Month and also look at the field size it does have 0% in this section because over the last 2yrs+ it hasn’t run with just 7 runners in so no data was created. There is no real front-runner in this so the pace angle is hard to grasp so I’m unsure in this instance with there only being 7 in the race hopefully the jock takes the initiative.

Kempton 19:15 – Qaswarah / 20:45 – The Lamplighter – Crystal Casque / 21:15 – Big Brave Bob

Qaswarh – 100% DOB on the surface which is always a great start, 83% DOBs 10f-12f, now class 6 racing over the last 2yrs+ it has no data to go on but class 5 it’s 83% with some double and Triple DOBs in there. The fact he has Dobbed in higher class races is a good sign. 1 runs in the month of October and he dobbed! Now down to field size 11-13 runners 2 runs both treble DOBs a race which the horse won and a race in which the in-running low was 7 so it’s BSP would have been around 30.0. Polar Light should front run and hopefully, Rab Havlin will just sit off the front and get a nice tow the price as we speak is 50 on Betfair so if we can get a good early position especially around Kempton the market may overreact as it does at Kempton and we can take advantage of this.

The Lamplighter – After further inspection into this allow the horse has an 80% DOB profile at 2yrs+ and has dobbed on the going there isn’t enough information and relevant data for us to be confident that the horse will DOB so this is being dropped as a potential DOB.

Crystal Casque – 2yrs+ DOB 82% last 6months 86% DOB profile so is very consistent in terms of dobbing let’s dig a little deeper though, the horse should sit just behind the pace and with a very talented jockey on board we should have no problem in terms of the horse “Trying”. It has 2 runs on standard going and it dobbed both times one being a treble dob, Distance 6f – 1m the horse is 82% with some double and treble DOBs in there if you don’t know what double and treble DOBs are don’t worry the more the better. I will write a post later this week explaining some of the terms. Class 5 upwards 71%, two runs in October one treble DOB and the other it was a straight DOB of 9 BSP of 18.0. Now the horse is drawn in stall 13 but should get out of the gates early enough and get a good position not many like to be front or near the front in this so let’s hope the jock has done his homework. Lastly, field size 13-14 runners one treble dob.

Big Brave Bob – Two runs on standard going and he won both times so he would have definitely dobbed here. Pace angle wise he may lead out of the get he may sit second he will be near the front, I can only see one horse likely to lead if it isn’t our selection which is good because we could still it from the front especially if the jock has done her homework, Mrs. Currie is a very underrated jockey deserves more credit than she gets is well worth her 3lbs as well drawn in 9 shouldn’t be a problem with the lack of pace on, 5f-7f 86% dob profile, Class 5 upwards 83% now looking at the month’s he only seems to race in the latter part of the year October he has run once and treble dobbed. 11-10 runners, he has only had 3 runs but dobbed twice for 67% profile.

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