NFL & College Football Where Our Money?

NFL & College Football Games You Should Be Siding With This Weekend.

Morning People,

We were up late last night dissecting all of their college football games getting all of the information that was available to us together and these are some of the games you should be getting involved with today. KO is 5 pm (BST).

As mentioned in the previous post the team had down a breakdown of these games so you had a little insight into WHY we picked them but are Youtube account isn’t active for another 24hrs, so just know that all of the information we put together point towards these teams either winning or having strong games take these as you will.

Headline Games.

(KO 17:00 pm BST) Northwestern @ Michigan State – Northwestern +10
(KO 17:00 pm BST) Eastern Michigan @ Western Michigan – Eastern Michigan +4
(KO 20:30 pm BST) South Alabama @ Georgia Southern – Georgia Southern -12
(KO 21:00 pm BST) Indiana @ Ohio State – Ohio State -26.5
(KO 20:30 pm BST) San Diego State @ Boise State – Boise State -14
(KO 3:30 am Sunday Morning) Utah @ Stanford – Utah +3.5

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