Friday’s Racing 05/10/2018

Potential DOBs

13:50 Ascot – Manthoor

LT DOB% 75% 6F-1M = 75% 6/8 the stable is flying at the min and Crowley is onboard so should be put in the race for sure. The horse is still progressing and sits at 7.2 as of writing so plenty of room to move if you don’t feel comfortable DOB just take 50% profit and get out.

14:25 Ascot – George

Has a DOB profile of 70% tends to lead Class 3 and lower, looking at some of the race comments doesn’t seem to be able to keep the engine going Class 2 and higher. 6/7 on RH Tracks for 83% 3 of those were a double DOB only has a 50% SR on LH tracks so goes better RH. Class 3 and lower 83% DOB 7/8. 1/3 33% Class 3 and higher. 6/8 75% over 1M. Great jockey aboard is 14% SR Last 14 days. The Trainer is 21% SR over the same period. Excellent Candidate in our opinion.

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