College Football Trades

College Football Trades.

Hello everyone,

We said last week we would do I Youtube upload with regards to these games than what we did and got it all uploaded to then realize our microphone didn’t work on it, so we wasted 45mins doing that again I will just put the games on here without the information just know the information is good.

(KO 23:00pm BST) Coastal Carolina -7
(KO 12:00am 14th BST) Virginia Tech -6.5
(KO 12:00am 14th BST) Houston -16
(KO 12:00am 14th BST) Iowa +6.5
(KO 17:00pm BST) Northwestern -4
(KO 20:30pm BST) Texas -14
(KO 20:30pm BST) Penn State -13 / Over 53pts

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