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That’s right we are the Ultimate Sports Consultants here to help you become a pro at taking money from the market whenever the opportunity arises. You see Dane Jensen ran a highly successful service from Feb 17 – Dec 17 and made profits of £48,299 we had to close that service to new members because it was so popular we were affecting the markets quickly after a selection was given but now he is back with his team but this time, he’s starting for FREE! Your probably sick of losing your money on a weekend with those 20 team accumulator and 1-2 legs letting you down am I, right? Don’t you want to be on the winning side consistently? Well, money is a business to us and we don’t like losing it, so if we show you how to treat it like a business as well, you can pull money from the market whenever you feel like it and We do all the work for you, you just take action on the information that is on this website, How easy is that?

Current Blog Stats… (Updated Daily)

  • NFL
    4 Selection 3 Winners 1 Loser 75% Win Rate
  • College Football
    6 Selections 5 Winners 1 Loser 83% Win Rate
  • Horse Racing
    4 Selections 2 Winner 2 Loser 50% Win Rate
  • Football


Why For Free?

This is a question you’re probably asking yourself why for free if he is so successful? that’s precisely why because he has been there and done it. Who knows we may open up that service again for people to enjoy the free-flowing profits it produced in 2017. For now, its all about giving YOU value as you can see at this point there’s no memberships, no sign-ups, and no logins. That’s because at ISC were going to be different, we’re giving everyone value that is truly FREE we don’t want anything in return, not even an email!… That’s not to say we won’t in the future but were determined to show you all it can be done with hard work and commitment. Wait, we’re going to do that all for you so you just sit back relax in the living room with the whole family pull up your laptop come here to this website daily and read the information that’s available it’s as simple as that.

That’s right Dane and the team are going to give you all the advice you need including what sports to trade, potential sets ups, games to trade and stay away from. How to protect the money you have so on and so forth…

What’s Covered Here.

So have you ever heard in the investing world DIVERSIFY?  Sure you have and if you haven’t it’s what all the pros tell you to do so all your eggs aren’t in one basket if something goes wrong. Well, the way we see it here at ISC is CONCENTRATE AND DIVERSIFY. What do we mean by that your asking? Well, yes spread your eggs about but not so much it’s only a small amount of money and it doesn’t earn anything. So yes 1 sports and trade to put all your money I also as we see so is covering 20 sports and 50 trades, money management would only allow you to put in a small amount of your bank if you’re covering that many trades in a day. We say cover maybe 5-8 sports and do 3-4 trades per day that way there are enough action and opportunity and you can have enough in a trade to make a good ROI get it. It’s OK if you don’t we’re going to be doing the hard work and advising you anyway!

What’s Covered?

The sports we cover are Horse Racing, Football (includes Soccer) and US Sports (NFL, NBA, and College Football and Basketball)

Only these sports will be covered this allows us to compile data on each sport make a decision and not have too much choice when it comes to trade selection there is such a thing. we have included US Sports because the US has just legalized gambling so there is a MASSIVE opportunity for our American counterparts to make their way to the top within this field, I mean who will succeed best The British or Americans or another nationality??? Whos Knows well post your trades and earnings to our Facebook and Twitter pages, we may even get a league going?

Have a look around.

Do check out the website fully there is lots of quality content for you to check out. Follow us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook because there is no email required (Yet) to get in touch with any questions or queries, hit us up at infiniteconsulting@gmail.com with absolutely any questions and we will get back to you ASAP!